Maelor Voluntary Service provides a service and support for patients, visitors and staff of the Wrexham Maelor Hospital through the sale of refreshments in five cafes situated throughout the hospital.

The mainstay of the MVS are the volunteers who staff these cafes. There are over 130 of these wondeful volunteers; men and women of all ages and from all walks of life. Each offers at least three hours per month, many give so much more.

The volunteers are supported by ten paid staff who provide professional assistance. The MVS donates all possible monies to the hospital trust via a Gifting List. This 'Wish List' includes medical equipment the Trust budget cannot acquire.

Visitors remark how they value our work, after a long journey from as far as mid Wales to the hospital. Patients see their first 'visit' to the cafe as an acheivement and the first step to recovery and a sign of hope. Staff and volunteers gain more than just a feeling of satisfaction from helping others - friendships are formed, outings are planned and a feeling of self-worth is guaranteed.

The Voluntary Service working in the Wrexham Maelor Hospital for the community.

Perhaps you have been a patient in hospital recently or visited someone who was in hospital. One of the first things we all do is to look for somewhere to have a cup of tea!